Tire Services in Sioux Falls, SD

Tire Service in Sioux Falls, SD

At Sioux Falls Lincoln, we encourage our clients to have their prized Lincoln SUVs undergo a thorough tire-servicing procedure with every new season.

Given the stress placed on tires, servicing proves invaluable for the longevity of your tires as well as your driving safety. Our Lincoln service department is proud to offer quick & quality tire rotations, wheel alignments, seasonal changeovers and more.

The Importance of Tire Care on Sioux Falls Roads

A vehicle is only as useful as the tires it relies on, and Lincoln vehicles are no exception to this rule. To get the most out of the iconic Quiet Luxury, your Lincoln vehicle must have the right tires and make sure that they are in good condition. We at Sioux Falls Lincoln know this. That's why we make sure to maintain a wide selection of tires in stock to properly fit your Lincoln luxury car or SUV. Additionally, the experts in our Lincoln service center can help with ensuring that you have:

  • The correct tires for your Lincoln vehicle
  • Properly inflated tires
  • Timely tire rotations

Tire Rotations

The act of rotating tires from well-to-well effectively reduces certain patterns of tread wear. Left to a single wheel well, each tire may show uneven bareness across treads. And you never want to drive upon bare treads, which exponentially increases the odds of a blowout at high speeds.

As well, the health of axles will be enhanced with tires rotated. In fact, tire treads leave definite clues as to issues elsewhere such as wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment

When your front end makes frequent contact with road imperfections, it's more than likely tire angle and tilt have been affected to a degree your Lincoln SUV steers itself to either side.

For all-important, safe operation of your Lincoln Aviator, corrections are required - facilitated by factory-trained technicians using specialized equipment.

After, you'll be better able to steer without a distracting, pulling sensation.


Seasonal Tire Changeover

Another aspect to tire service is to changeover your winter-tire assortment. There's no more need of tires engineered for traction on ice and snow.

Tires designed for driving under extremities of summer heat and pressure should be applied for safer driving through Sioux Falls.

Buying New Tires For Your Lincoln

Don't know your tire size? That's okay. Just like every other aspect of our dealership, we want to provide you with the easiest and most stress-free experience possible, and that begins with allowing you to search for the right tires based on your particular Lincoln model whether you drive a Lincoln Corsair or a Lincoln Navigator.

We are also here to help you find the right tires for your daily driving environment. Different driving situations put different levels of wear on your tires and therefore may require different tire types to get the longest lasting pinnacle of quiet luxury driving experience.

Tire Servicing -- All-Important For Safety, Performance

There's usually no telling the wear of your tire assortment until it's too late. Therein, after each season, it's best practice to service your tires across the following procedures at Sioux Falls Lincoln.

Schedule a Tire-Service Appointment at Sioux Falls Lincoln

Make sure your tire assortment and related systems are up for the seasonal challenges ahead.

Secure a tire-service appointment online or visit our local, Sioux Falls-area service center today.

Take Care of Your Tires at Our Sioux Falls Dealership Today

Whether you're driving a brand-new Lincoln Continental, or a loyal, five-year-old Lincoln Navigator, we are here to help you find the tires that are right for your car and your driving lifestyle. So, come to our dealership today. We proudly service the Lincoln vehicles of Sioux Falls, as well as the Lincoln cars and SUVs of Hartford, SD; Mitchell, SD; Brandon, SD; and Luverne, MN.

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