Sell Your Car in Sioux Falls, SD

Sell Your Car or Trade-In and Upgrade at Sioux Falls Lincoln

We know that many drivers are looking to get rid of a vehicle they currently have. However, the process of doing that can be stressful -- especially if you are handling it alone. That is why, here at Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln, we are proud to have a team of experts available to help you sell or trade in your vehicle. No matter your preference, our team can walk you through the process and answer your questions. Plus, there is no obligation to purchase a new vehicle if you just want to sell your current car.

Additionally, if you would like to upgrade your driving experience, our team can walk you through the process of trading in your old vehicle.

Why Sell Your Vehicle At Sioux Falls Lincoln?

There are a few reasons why selling your vehicle at our dealership could be advantageous:

  • First and foremost, you are under no obligation to buy a new vehicle when you shop with our team. If all you want to do is have your vehicle evaluated and then walk away with the cash, you can certainly do that.

  • Additionally, working with our dealership takes the hassle out of selling your car. When you sell your vehicle on your own, you have to find a buyer, haggle about pricing, and handle the sale alone. When you work with our dealership, the process is safe, quick, and fair. You can trust that you will get a price commensurate with your vehicle's value.

Looking to Upgrade? Get a quick Trade-in Evaluation for Your Car in Sioux Falls

Alternatively, some drivers are looking to trade in their vehicle at our dealership. Doing so has its own benefits.

  • Trading in your vehicle is quick and easy. We make the process as simple and efficient as possible, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Trading in your vehicle allows you to apply the value of your current vehicle to your new purchase. Whether you're looking to upgrade to a hybrid electric Lincoln or a stately new Lincoln Navigator, trading in your previous vehicle helps lower costs to make investing in a new vehicle even easier.

  • Our inventory offers you a diverse selection of models to consider investing in, no matter if you have your heart set on sedans, SUVs, or a particular luxury brand. Furthermore, we can help you schedule a test drive with your preferred automotive option.

What Do You Need to Sell Your Car?

There are a few things you should bring to the dealership when you are preparing to sell your car. They include:

  • a bill of sale
  • the vehicle's title
  • As-Is documentation
  • any maintenance records
  • your vehicle history report
  • any warranty documentation
  • an odometer disclosure

Visit Our Dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota To Sell Your Car Today

If you would like to sell your vehicle, or if you have any questions about trading in your vehicle, we recommend visiting our team at Sioux Falls Lincoln in Sioux Falls, SD. Our team would be proud to help you schedule a test drive with your preferred automotive option.